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How to setup SMTP server for email in Advanced Reports (AR)

Customer cannot get reports sent to their email

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System Manager software 4.x

Sending reports via email

SMTP is not configured in Advance Report


SMTP must be configured in order to send reports to email accounts.

Quick Reference on how to Setup SMTP in Crystal Enterprise (CE)

1. First gather the following information from the IT department on SMTP settings.
a. Domain Name
b. Server Name
c. Port
d. Authentication: <default is none>
e. SMTP User name
f. SMTP Password

2. To make changes it will require a Crystal EnterpriseAdministrator account. Login as "Administrator" as the username and " " blank as the password. This account is setup by default during the Crystal Enterprise install. This is not an SMS user account.

3. Log on to Crystal Management Console (Admin Launchpad) using the Admin account

4. Click on Servers

5. Click on <servername>.reportjobserver

6. Click on Destinations

7. Select Crystal Enteprise.SMTP and select enable.

8. Click OK.

9. Enter the SMTP settings gathered in step 1.

10. Refer to ce10_smtp.pdf for more details and troubleshooting.
Setup SMTP server to have reports emailed to you in Advanced Reports.

See the attached for more details on configuring SMTP in Advanced Reports' Crystal Enterprise.


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