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Can ION meters use the same set CTs and PTs with multiple meters?

Customer would like to use the same set of Potential transformers (PTs) and/or current (CTs) multiple meters.

Product line
ION meters that require CTs/PTs

Yes, multiple meters can use the same PTs and CTs for ION meters, but their are some things to be aware of: 

  • The total burden from the current inputs of the meter must be less than the maximum burden rating of the CTs
  • If the wires between the current inputs of the meters (i.e. wire from I12 on one meter to I11 of another meter) is too long, or has a significant impedance, it may affect the overall measuring accuracy of the meters
  • Use the shortest length and largest gauge of wire possible for the CT and PT connections to limit any losses in the lines.

The below diagram is an example of a 4-Wire Wye, 3 Element diagram.

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