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How does the Command Code 1120 work on the Series 3000/4000 Circuit Monitor?

The way that the 1120 command works changed in firmware version 10.204.

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The 1120 command in the CM4000 has historically cleared all memory. This command would clear all configuration registers including basic setup and communications parameters. The command would also clear all data log and alarm setup and all data log data.

This command has been modified and now requires the use of a parameter with the command to clear selected segments of the meter or to clear everything like the original command. This new command is implemented in the CM4000 in firmware versions beginning with 10.204. The following table provides a list of the parameters to clear selected segments of the meters memory.

To issue commands using the command interface, follow these general steps:

  1. Write the related parameter(s) to the command parameter registers 8001 through 8015.
  2. Write the command code to the command interface register 8000.
Command Parameters Notes
1120 (8001) Bitmap of systems to reset Restart System – Hard Reset with Memory Clear
Bitmap of systems to reset:
Bit 00 = Utility Registers
Bit 01 = Reserved
Bit 02 = CMPL
Bit 03 = Config Display
Bit 04 = Commands
Bit 05 = Files
Bit 06 = Alarms
Bit 07 = I/O Points
Bit 08 = Config Meter
Bit 09 = Administrative Ctl
Parameter value of 9999 causes meter to reset all registers to meter defaults and format the disk-on-chip.
Parameter Description
Bit 00 = Utility Registers Clear all utility register (15,800 - 15,999).
Bit 01 = Reserved  
Bit 02 = CMPL  Clears all custom Programs created in the meter.
Bit 03 = Config Display  Clears all custom Displays created in the meter.
Bit 04 = Commands  Clears all command interface registers.
Bit 05 = Files  Clears all data log files (data and configuration).
Bit 06 = Alarms Clears all alarm configuration parameters.
Bit 07 = I/O Points Clears all I/O point configuration and assignments.
Bit 08 = Config Meter  Clears all metering setup including PT and CT ratios.
Bit 09 = Administrative Ctl Clears all user account created in the meter.
9999 = Clear All Clears all memory in the meter (including comms).

*NOTE: The 1120 command is disabled when revenue security is active.
*Reference CM3000 Register List Commands Page (Page 314).
*Reference CM4000 Register List Commands Page (Page 359).

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