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How do you perform a soft reset on a CM3000/4000 and PM8 series?

Unable to power cycle the meter physically. Need to do remotely or perform soft reset by writing modbus register to the meter.

Product Line:
CM3000/4000, PM8 series

Sometimes local access to where the meters are installed isn't possible or access to the wiring of the meter is blocked.

In this case, remotely write modbus register to meter in order to power cycle the meter. Using software like Tester (software the read/write register):

Write 9020 to register 8000
Then, write 1110 to register 8000

This will reset the meter.
In addition, the PM8 series meter you can write modbus register from front panel. Also, if user has CM3000/4000 with display, they can also write modbus register from front display.

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