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Setting up the device address in a CM2000 series meter

Steps for setting up the CM2000 meter's device address.

Product Line
CM2000 series

Device Address Setup

Each Powerlogic device on a communications link (ranging from 1-32 Powerlogic compatible devices daisy-chained to a single communications port) must have a unique device address. The allowable range of addresses is 1 to 198. The factory default address is 1. Note: The circuit monitor will accept address 199, but address 199 is a special reserved address and is recommended not to be used (see FA218324).

When assigning addresses to Powerlogic devices, remember the following points:
- Each device on a single communications link, including the PNIM or SY/LINK card must be assigned a unique address
- Normally, the last device on a communications link is the device farthest from the communications port and should be assigned device address 1
- If a communications link has only a single device, assign it address 1
- If you add devices to the communications link, the last device should retain the address 1

The following steps allow the CM2000 meter's address to be changed:
1. Press the MODE button until the red LED next to [Setup] is lit. The circuit monitor displays "ConFig."
2. Press the PHASE [Enter] button to select the Configuration option. The circuit monitor displays the password prompt "P - - - -"
3. Enter the password. To enter the password, use the SELECT METER [Value] buttons to increase or decrease the displayed value until it reaches the password value. Then press the PHASE [Enter] button.
4. Press the PHASE [Enter] button until the red LED next to [Address] flashes.
5. Press the SELECT METER [Value] buttons until the desired address is displayed.
6. Press the MODE button once. The red LED next to [Accept] flashes. The red LED next to [Address] glows steadily.
7. To reject the new address, press the PHASE [Enter] button once. The circuit monitor returns to METERS mode.
8. To accept the new address, press the SELECT METER [Value] button to change from No to Yes. Then, press the PHASE [Enter] button. The circuit monitor will restart.

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