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Troubleshooting Offline Devices

Initial steps to troubleshoot offline or non-communicating devices from within the ION Enterprise/SPM/PME software.

Product Line
ION Enterprise
StruxureWare Power Monitoring (SPM)
Power Monitoring Expert (PME)

Management Console (ION Enterprise, SPM, PME)

The software is indicating that it is unable to or experiencing difficulties communicating to a device, a com port, or device has timed out and cannot be communicated with by the software.
Within Management Console there a device(s) is displaying Connecting, Disconnected or some other communication error message in Site Status column.

Prior to investigating/troubleshooting the device(s) in the field there are a couple things you can check from the server itself.

1) In Management console: Navigate to the Devices section of Management Console, open the device properties (double click on device)
   and check the Enable field is set to 'YES'.

2) Right Click on device and select Disconnect, then go to the view menu and choose refresh.  Right click on device again and select Connect. 
Note:  that this will be done in the Devices section for Ethernet devices.  For Serial, modem, and Ethergate  devices you will need to do this in the Site section.

3) Should Step 1 or 2  not restore communications, open the Services control panel.   Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services
 and locate the ION Network Router Service.  Right click on the network router, and select 'Restart'.
A prompt will appear to confirm that continuing will restart several other services that are dependent on the Network Router Service, select YES.

4) If communications to the device(s) remain unrestored, a final step prior to more advanced troubleshooting/meter level trouble shooting, perform a reboot of the server to force a hard release of the Server Com Ports. 
This is typically for modem/serial device com port lockup problems.

If after these steps communications hasn't been re-established then please contact Technical Support for assistance with advanced communications troubleshooting.

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