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Video: How to Manually Timesync Devices in Power Monitoring Expert

Published date: 30 May 2018

Power Monitoring Expert will automatically timesync Sites and Devices at an interval defined by the "Time Synch Interval ION" setting in Management Console. It may be necessary at times to manually timesync a Site or Device. 

Product Line:
ION Enterprise 
StruxureWare Power Monitoring 7.0.x
EcoStruxure™ Power Monitoring Expert 7.2.x / 8.x

Command Prompt


*Note: Manually timesyncing a site/device has the potential to cause a timestamp anomaly depending on time difference between the device clock and server clock. Use with caution. 

1) Open Command Prompt and navigate to the \Power Monitoring Expert\system\bin folder. (Note: This folder may be \ION Enterprise\system\bin or \StruxureWare Power Monitoring\system\bin depending on your version of software)
2) Type the following command:

Timesync -f 'SiteName'


Group: Utility

Meter Name: Main

Execute the following command for a directly connected Ethernet meter:

Timesync -f Utility.Main

Replace 'SiteName' with the name of the Site you would like to timesync, keeping in mind that Ethernet meters are considered sites. In the case of an Ethernet meter you would use the 'Group.Meter' name as the SiteName. Typing in a Gateway Site will send a timesync packet to all devices connected to that site. 

Note: The -f argument is optional. This argument forces a timesync for all devices connected to the site regardless if they are enabled for automatic timesync. If the -f argument is not used, the manual timesync will only timesync devices that are enabled for automatic timesync. In addition, manual timesync will not observe the timesync blackout periods that have been set. For more information on time sync blackout periods, please refer to the Time Synchronization and Timekeeping technote. 

The following video demonstrates this procedure:

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