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How do I activate/deactivate revenue security on the CM3000/CM4000?

Activating revenue security on the CM3000/CM4000

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Activating the revenue security will protect against other users changing any settings.

To activate revenue security for the first time the revenue security button needs to be enabled and then it needs to be activated.

To enable the revenue security button you will need to use SMS or any other Modbus Testing utility and write the decimal value 1411 to register 8000.

After the button is enabled it must be activated by pressing the button again.

This button is accessed by powering down the meter and removing all I/O modules

Next power the meter back up. The circuit monitor must have power in order to activate revenue security. Open the access door by sliding the door along the side of the circuit monitor then gently pull the door down to open it.
Finally discharge all static electricity by placing your hand on any grounded metal surface. Press and hold the security button for a few seconds until the security LED is lit.

To deactivate revenue security hold the revenue security button down until the red light inside the compartment turns OFF.

To disable the revenue security button write the value 1410 to register 8000.

For a more complete step by step procedure please see the attached CM4000 Installation Manual and follow the steps beginning on page 28
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