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Log Inserter Does Not Upload VIP Events

The Log Inserter stops uploading VIP events. It is clear that the VIP is generating new events that need to be uploaded, but the Log Inserter is not inserting them into the database.

Product Line
ION Enterprise 5.x
ION Enterprise 6.x
Power Monitoring Expert 7.x
Power Monitoring Expert 8.x

VIP Event

The VIP Event Log Controller contains events that the Log Inserter does not upload into the database. The Data Recorders are unaffected. Historical meter data is being processed normally.
The VIP events are related to inputs from remote sources. Often events generated by a Data Monitor module will be among the missing events. When looking at the Log Inserter diagnostics, the VIP event log controller
(0x100104) will be in a not responding state.

If an event references a remote node, the Log Inserter ensures that the configuration information for the remote node (the tree file) is up to date before processing the event and inserting it into the database.
If the remote node is not communicating, configuration information cannot be determined, and the event will not be inserted into the database. Since the events must be process sequentially to preserve the sequence of
events information, any events generated subsequently will also not be processed. Once the remote node is communicating again, all events will be processed.

The resolution is to ensure that the remote node referenced by the VIP event is communicating.

If that is communicating, there is a workaround.
Note: The workaround requires that exising events in the VIP Event Log Controller be purged, and the Log Inserter restarted. 

1. Open the VIP node in Designer.
2. Right-click on the Event Log Controller module, and set the Depth setup register to 0, save your change, and close the VIP node in Designer.
3. Reopen the VIP node, and change the Event Log Controller Depth setup register back to its previous value (the default is 200). Save your change and close the VIP node in Designer.
4. Restart the Log Inserter.

This will remove the event that was unable to be processed from the VIP and allow subsequent events to be processed.

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