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"UnsignedPool::NoBitsAvail" error shows in Global Event Viewer in VISTA application

An error message is showing in Global Event Viewer in Vista as well as the system log event in PME software.
"Error: UnsignedPool::NoBitsAvail: min: 0x1 max; 0xffff' file rionrqt.cpp line xxx"

Product Line
ION Enterprise
SPM 7.0.x
PME 7.2.x
PME 8.x

Global Event Viewer in Vista application

When Power Monitoring server is left running for a while, the following error appears in the global event viewer 15 times per second. This contributes to slow computer performance.
This error also appears if the maximum number of Windows PIDs (Processor IDs) have been used.

1) Restart ION Network Router Service and its dependencies.
2) Reboot server.

It is very unlikely this problem will occur again. If it does, however, please contact technical support using this form to perform diagnostics of your system.

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