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SQL Perfmon Counters Are Missing

SQL server performance counters not displayed in performance monitor tool (PerfMon.exe)

Any product that uses SQL

SQL Server 2008 and later


One resolution is to restart the server. If you encounter after restarting the server, reapply Windows OS service packs/updated.

If restarting server does not fix the issue, this problem can be fixed by following these three steps:

1) Unload the counter
A) Open command prompt, type in the following:
- For Default instance:
unlodctr.exe MSSQLServer
- For named instance:
unlodctr MSSQL$

2) Load Counter
A) In Command prompt type the following
For default instance: 
lodctr.exe "\binn\sqlctr.ini"
For named instance:
lodctr.exe "\binn\perf-MSSQL$sqlctr.ini"

3) Reboot the server

If your problem is that the Analysis Services counters can't be found, then use the following:

A) Open command prompt and type in the following:

unlodctr.exe MSSQLServerOLAPService
B) Then type in the following: lodctr.exe "\binn\msmdctr.ini"

C) Reboot the server

If you get an unexpected error message, look it up at Note, this tip is for non-clustered SQL Servers only.

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