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CM2000 Alarm and Event Setpoint Selection

Product Line:
CM2000 Series Meters

Alarm and Event Setpoint Selection 

The CM2000 series meters has onboard alarms and events that can be configured. There are 4 setpoint settings for each alarm/event: Pickup Value, Pickup Delay, Dropout Value, and Dropout Delay.

The Pickup and Dropout values can be chosen as a certain percent above or below the nominal value for that measurement.

Example:  Alarm 16 is an overvoltage alarm. If the desired pickup value is 105% of the nominal voltage and the nominal voltage is 480V, the pickup value would be 504V. If the desired dropout value is 95% of the nominal voltage, the dropout voltage would be 456V.  
The attached spreadsheet can be used to help determine the desired pickup and dropout values for voltage related alarms/events based on the nominal voltage and the desired pickup and dropout %. 

*For information on configuring alarms from the front panel check out FA218966

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