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Which CM-2000 firmware version made System type 42 and 43 available for selection from the meter front panel?

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CM-2000 Series Meters

Meter Configuration

Meters with firmware versions prior to version 17.000 did not allow for system type 42 and 43 to be selected from the front panel of the meter.

CM-2000 Firmware version 17.000 released 8/25/97 made System type 42 and 43 available from the front panel.

The following table lists the system types that are available for selection on a CM-2000 Series meter.

To change the system type, complete the following steps:
1. Press the MODE button until the red LED next to [Setup] is lit. The circuit monitor displays “ConFig.”
2. Press the PHASE [Enter] button to select the Configuration option. The circuit monitor displays the password prompt “P - - - -.”
3. Enter the password. To enter the password, use the SELECT METER [Value] buttons to increase or decrease the displayed value until it reaches the password value. Then press the PHASE [Enter] button.
4. Press the PHASE [Enter] button until the red LED next to [Sys. Type] flashes.
5. Press the SELECT METER [Value] buttons until the system code matching your system type is displayed. Refer to table above to determine the system code for your system type.
6. Press the MODE button once. The red LED next to [Accept] flashes. The red LED next to [Sys. Type] glows steadily.
7. To reject the new system type, press the PHASE [Enter] button once. The circuit monitor returns to METERS mode.
8. To accept the new system type, press the SELECT METER [Value] button to change from No to Yes. Then, press the PHASE [Enter] button. The circuit monitor restarts.

To determine the Firmware version of CM2000 Series meters, refer to article FA211882
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