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What are the default values logged in the EGX400 and EGX200?

What values are logged by default from EGX200 or EGX400?

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Onboard Logging

NOTE: The EGX200 does not have Device logging.

The EGX400 ships from the factory with device profiles for standard Schneider Electric monitoring and protective devices.

Refer to the EGX200_EGX400 User Guide on page 3 under EGX400 Device List for a list of supported devices and logged data.

Real energy, reactive energy, and apparent energy are logged by default for Schneider Electric Monitoring devices. For example, the EGX400 logs Real Energy and Real Power Demand for the Enercept and Energy Meter.

The EGX400 can log data at predefined intervals from up to 32 serially connected devices. For details, see "Device Logging" on page 5 and “Interval Data Logging (EGX400)” on page 13 of User guide.

NOTE: The Series 200 Power Meter (PM210) is not a loggable device type in the EGX400 with firmware v 5.6. A device type template (.plt) file will be created at a later date. A temporarily work around is to select the PM700 device type for the PM200 meter and then enable logging. The PM700 and the PM200 share some of the same registers. Some PM700 quantities may not be applicable for the PM200.

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