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170ENT11001 Ethernet Communication Adapter IP Assignment With 802.3 Framing

Release Notice

The purpose of this resolution is to inform 170ENT11001 Ethernet Communication Adapter product users that a fix is available to assign an IP address to a 170ENT11001 using Bootp 802.3 Framing.


Goals and Symptoms

A problem has existed with the 170ENT11001 in Exec. versions 1.04 and lower where the IP address could not be assigned via Bootp or DHCP when using 802.3 Framing.

Causes and Fixes

The 170ENT11001 Exec. version 1.05 fixes a problem assigning an IP via Bootp using 802.3 Framing. The Exec is field upgradable.
Note 2/15/06: Exec version 1.05 will not be released at this time due to a reduction in performance when installed in the 170ENT11001. Engineering is investigating.

Assigning an IP via DHCP using 802.3 Framing will not be fixed. Changes to the Operating System files would be required but they are no longer supported by the vendor.

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