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Procedure to refresh device tree files

Meters are not communicating and logging successfully. In the diagnostic viewer, the tree files for the devices are showing dirty or not responding.

Product Line
ION Enterprise (ION), Struxureware Power Monitoring (SPM), Power Monitoring Expert (PME)

Refreshing tree files

Typically, a meter that is communicating successfully will show a tree state of "clean". This means that the meters current configuration has been confirmed and the Log Inserter will be able to upload historical data. If the device's tree state is showing "dirty" or "not_responding", this is likely due to a communications problem. The dirty or not responding state is not the cause of the communications problem, but more accurately the symptom of a communications problem.. For more detailed description of these statuses see FA203989 for the Log Inserter Technical Reference.

One can also gain some understanding of the tree states by looking at the file size of the trees. The tree files are located in the [...\Program Files\Schneider Electric\ION Enterprise\config\trees] directory

0 KB -- New tree file
1 KB -- Device has been contacted for information to form tree file; system is waiting for response.
> 1 KB -- Tree file established and communicating.

Note that these are general guidelines. For a more accurate description of ION Trees, see FA209804

*Warning:  The information below pertains to deleting files in the config\trees directory should this be necessary. Be aware that deleting all tree files in large systems will result in considerable communications traffic that may take some time to work through. This approach should only be taken when all other avenues of diagnosing communications problems have been exhausted.


*Warning: Take backups of any files prior to modifying or deleting them. Ensure the backups are in a location that will not be overwritten (i.e. the Desktop).
One of the possible methods used when troubleshooting device communication issues in ION Enterprise is to trigger a refresh of the tree files by deleting them which will force them to be rebuilt. This procedure is not meant as a fix-all, rather as a step in the communications troubleshooting procedures. Prior to performing this task, the user should check the current state of the tree files. To do this:

1. Open Management Console.
2. Go to Tools > System > Diagnostics Viewer.
3. Expand the Diagnostics Viewer > "servername" > Service Diagnostics.
4. Select Communication Server > Tree States.

To delete the tree files, perform the following actions:
1. Stop the ION Network Router Service (Start > Run > services.msc). This will also stop five other ION Services (Virtual Processor, Site, Query, Log Inserter, and Real Time Data Services).
2. Navigate to the tree files directory. By default it will be [...\Program Files\Schneider Electric\ION Enterprise\config\trees]. Note: For SPM and PME, it will not say ION Enterprise in the directory.
3. There will be a file for each meter in your system. It is best to selectively delete the files, i.e. only delete them for devices that have trees NOT marked clean. Alternatively, you can simply delete all the files in the directory, but by doing so, you will place a burden on the system as all tree files will have to be resolved and in a large system it may take a significant amount of time to reach steady state.
4. Start the stopped ION services.

To delete just one device:
1. Download the batch file.
2. Enter the version number and device name.
3.  run the batch file attached as an Administrator.
This will stop the services, delete the tree file, and start the services back up.
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