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Can I use an EGX100 or EGX300 to connect to legacy PowerLogic SquareD meters such as the CM2000?

The CM2000 uses SyMax protocol, will it work with the EGX100 or EGX300?

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CM2000 CM2350 CM2450 EGX100 EGX300


Yes - the EGX100 and EGX300 enables connection to older PowerLogic meters such as the CM2000 that use the old SyMax protocol. You will likely need to wire the RS-485 bus in 4-wire mode (for the CM2000 at least). In the Devices Setup web page for the EGX, make sure to select the "PowerLogic" type and enter the corresponding Device ID for your CM2000 meter. Instead of using Modbus RTU, the EGX will use the old PowerLogic / SyMax protocol to communicate with the CM2000. This has been tested to work for SMS, ION Enterprise, SPM, and PME software.


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