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How to write a value into an output register from Vista

Certain installations or configurations may require a way to change an output value directly from a Vista diagram.
An example would be, but not limitted to, manually adjusting kWh readings from a diagram after meter swap out.

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ION Enterprise, Struxureware Power Monitoring, Power Monitoring Expert


By default, the control object only allows writes to certain types of output registers such as an external boolean, external numeric, and external pulse module. (Figure1)
Holding Ctrl and clicking edit, will allow for setup registers to become available for modification. (Figure2)

However, this does not allow a write to any output registers such as kWh. In order to accomplish this the ION Handle (register) will need to be written to directly.

The Contol object will need to be linked directly to the ION Handle (register) for the quantity.  
1.)  Link a numeric object the quantity/output register that needs to be written to

2.)  Hold Ctrl + Alt, and click edit link in the numeric object configuration on the link tab to find the ION handle. Note the hex number. 0x5fbd in the figure below.

3.)  Drag a control object onto a Vista diagram
4.)  Open the control object for editing
5.)  Hold Ctrl + Alt, and click on the edit link the same way that was done for the numeric object in step 2
6.)  Enter the ION Handle noted in step 2 in the small text box
7.)  Click OK until the configuration is exited

Now the target output register can be written to directly from the diagram.
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