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How to link a Vista Numeric or Control object to a Setup Register

On occasion there is need to view or even change configuration of a module from the Vista diagram instead of opening Designer or ION Setup.
An example would be, but not limited to, sag/ swell thresholds for power quality events.

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ION Enterprise, Struxureware Power Monitoring, Power Monitoring Expert


By default when attempting to edit a Numeric object in Vista, only Output Registers are available.  For Control objects most managers will show no compatible registers on a normal click opening.

Example of a standard Control object Edit Link

It is possible to see the Setup Registers in the 'Edit Link' dialog in either a Numeric object or a Control object.
Use the below method to access Setup Registers for a Numeric object when the desire is view only.  This can provide a quick view of trigger setpoints for powerquality, overvoltage, etc.
This method can also be used on a Control object when the desire is to make modifications to setpoints on the fly from Vista diagrams.

1.)  Right-click on the diagram object
2.)  Hold down the CTRL key then click on 'Edit Link' (note the third column is now titled Setup Registers)
3.)  Select the required register
4.)  Click Ok until the edit object is been completely exit
5.)  Save Diagram

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