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What does "Internal Error - Modem not responding" mean in an ION 8xxx Meter?

ION meters can display modem error message in the Event Log as shown below:

Date/Time Cause Value Effect Value
6/9/2007 4:33:16.660 AM Comm 2 - Modem Internal Error ION 8500 Modem not responding
6/9/2007 4:33:24.640 AM Comm 2 - Modem Internal Error ION 8500 Modem recovered

Product Line
ION8xxx series meters
ION8300, ION8400, ION8500
ION8600, ION8650

Modem Communication

These events are indicative of a modem that is starting to fail.

The events typically are nothing to worry about until they start to appear frequently as shown in the above screenshot.

If there are only one or two occurances of this modem error, the meter can be left alone. If, however, there are multiple events, the solution would be either to RMA the meter or purchase a new COMM Card. The COMM Card can be bought separately and installed in the field.

See FA209831 for more information about ION 8600/8650 Communication Field Retrofit Kit

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