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Why does the TSX Momentum 170ANR1209x I/O Base Ready LED Flash once at power up and then goes out?

The Ready light will flash once and then go out at module power up if the System information word ( word one) has not been configured with a non-zero value. This register is the first output register which is IO mapped or Traffic copped. A 0 value in this register will force the module into shutdown mode and no inputs or outputs will be updated. A green Ready light indicates that the module is ready to communicate and all self tests have been passed. A Ready light that is off indicates the module is in shutdown mode or has not passed the self test. Valid settings for word one are 0001-FFFF. If there is a non-zero value in this register and the Ready LED is still out, there is a hardware problem.

Note: The Momentum processors have been obsoleted and replaced by the Unity Momentum Processors and all else with I/O will remain the same.
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