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Connecting Unity Pro over modbus RS485 to a M340 by bridging through a modem connection to a TSXETG3010.

Goals and Symptoms

Window XP Pro SP2

Causes and Fixes

In order to bridge through a TSXETG3010 you must first configure a modem network connection on your PC.

Open Network connections by going to Start>Settings>Network Connections

Next chose create new connection

This opens the New connection wizard. Press Next.

Choose "Connect to a network at my workplace" and press next.

Pick a dial-up connection and press next.

Give the connection a name and press next.

Type in the phone # of the TSXETG3010.
Press next.

Choose the connection availability and press next.

Press Finish to complete the connection setup.

To test the connection remove the Ethernet cable from you PC and attach your PC's internal modem to the phone line.
Go to Start>Settings>Network Connections> ETG3010 (or whatever you named your connection).

A connection window should open. Using the username and password USER and USER dial the connection.

Once a connection is established you should see it displayed in your system tray.

Verify the connection by logging into the embedded web pages of the TSXETG3010.
Open Internet explorer and type in the IP address of the TSXETG3010.
Since your Ethernet cable is unplugged your only connection is through the modem.

Open your Unity project and go to PLC>Set address.

Choose TCP/IP as the media and type in the IP address of the TSXETG3010 but after the IP address use a semi-colon (;) followed by the M340 modbus address.
Press OK.

To connect go to PLC>Connect

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