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Is it possible to completely disable the SNMP function of the Quantum 140NOE771xx Modules using Concept?

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Configuring SNMP in the NOE's to restrict access

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Quantum NOE's

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No it is currently not possible to disable the SNMP functions of the Quantum NOE's in Concept but it can be done in Unity Pro. In Unity Pro when you are configuring a communications network (assigning the IP address) on the upper right hand corner the pull down menu for SNMP has a choice of Yes, No, and Web. Choose No to disable SNMP. In Concept however you can limit SNMP access by configuring SNMP in the NOE modules.
By default the NOE's SNMP configuration has the Manager I & II IP addresses blank and the Community Set, Get, and Trap set to public.

This setup will allow any SNMP manager access to the Module. To restrict access simply put in IP addresses for the Managers and change the community from public to something else and click Update SNMP.

Now the SNMP manager needs to be at one of those IP addresses and know what the community has been set to in order to gain SNMP information from the NOE.

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