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How do you connect serially to a PLC with Unity Pro via a TSXETG100 Ethernet to Modbus Gateway?

The first thing that needs to be done is to add the Modbus address of the PLC into the Device list of the TSXETG100.
To do this Log into the TSXETG100 through Internet Explorer by typing in its IP address and entering a Username and Password (the defaults are Administrator with a password of Gateway).

After Logging in chose Setup, then Device List, and add the Modbus address of the PLC to the Device List and hit Apply.

Launch Unity Pro and open a project. In the menu go to PLC and chose Set Address.

Under Media pick TCPIP and in the Address field type in the IP address of the TSXETG100 followed by a semicolon ( ; ) and the Modbus address of the PLC.

Finally chose Connect from the PLC menu to connect to the PLC.

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