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Can I change the IP address of an NOE using logic?

Yes, Using the MSTR command and function code 12 CTE Write, Config Extension Table, you can send a request to change the Frame Type, IP address, Subnetwork mask, and Gateway. After sending this command to the NOE you must follow that CTE write with an MSTR Reset function code 10 in order to reset the NOE and its TCP/IP configuration. The Program in the processor will now be different from the program you originally down loaded from you programming software. You will have to change that program to reflect the changes you made in the processor in order to connect equal again. If you have a program saved to flash memory you will have to update that program as well. Refer to the Modicon Ladder Logic Block Library User Guide part number 840USE10100 section on MSTR's or the Quantum NOE User Guide 840USE11600 pages 89-90 for more details.

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