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Problems Remaining for ProWOR X32 version 1.11

Goals and Symptoms

The intention of the document is to provide the user with a list of the problems remaining for ProWORX 32
version 1.11

Causes and Fixes

The following table provides the list of outstanding issues for ProWORX 32 version 1.11


Item Description
PWorx00002540 If there are multiple CRP 811 Profibus modules traffic copped in a project, only one of them can be configured. This is because only one .cnf file is allowed to be imported into the configuration extension in the Profibus setup and each CRP811 card requires a separate .cnf file
PWorx00002492 Server: Shutdown does not require an administrative password
PWorx00003125 Performing a compare on a project with the same differences, will return different results.
PWorx00003129 Using Continuous solve mode for the Emulation mode locks up 'ProWOR X32' and the only way to shutdown the software is by using the Windows Task Manager.
PWorx00003121 Using the MBP Stat utility function on a Microsoft Windows 98 installation, will bring up the window for Scanning Modbus Plus Devices resulting in either, not finding any SA85 cards or returning an error.
PWorx00003117 Using the Report utility to Print Preview with no printer selected followed by attempts to and export to the file type of comma or character separated will cause the Report'; utility to crash. If you want to use the Report utility again, Proworx will need to be restarted.
PWorx00003094 If you perform a a full write to the controller and then connect in combined mode, a Logic Mismatch message will be returned which will require a Read function to be performed in order to connect to the controller.
Item Description
PWorx00003068 Descriptor information is lost when a Modsoft project that uses 4x register bits/descriptors and 3x registers with bits/descriptors is imported. When you import the project into 'ProWORX 32' you will find that the 4x-register bit's descriptor information are not imported. The 3x register bit's descriptor information are imported incorrectly (something like the 2nd bit's descriptor comes across as the 3x register's descriptor) and nothing else comes across.
PWorx00003034 When the logic editor is opened for the very first time in a project and the 'Properties' windows is opened, the 'Properties' window could get minimized fter the mouse cursor is moved across the window. If this occurrs, you will need to click on the taskbar button in order to access it again.
PWorx00003017 Searching for a SUB block that is used in multiple locations within a project will result in none found and the following error will get returned.

The instruction at 0x73440d06 referenced at memory 0x01f74695. The memory could not be read. Click OK to terminate this Program.

PWorx00003013 If you try to customize the toolbar and remove one of the icon buttons (i.e., coil) from the toolbar by mistake, 'ProWORX 32' will crash and a runtime error will be returned when an attempt is made to save a change that has used that element (i.e., coil) in the logic.
PWorx00003009 Exporting documentation to a FIL or MDB file, will result in the addresses exported in a 6 digit format. This is regardless of what format is selected in the projects Properties settings
PWorx00003003 Using the 'ProWORX 32' Server Compare Now function after backing up a server application could result in incorrect results or the error message Invalid procedure call.
PWorx00003002 After performing a Compare Now in the 'ProWORX 32' Server, selecting View Latest Compare Results will bring up an html web page with links to items that do not compare correctly. The links for the address will navigate to a web page that shows a "Page cannot be displayed." Error.
PWorx00003001 When trying to convert a concept project that has a large traffic cop (i.e., more than 512words), the error message of too many modules in traffic cop will be returned.
PWorx00002998 The PLC Web Link function does not work
PWorx00002997 If you try to copy and paste a new line anywhere within the Data Watch Window, the new line will always appended to the current list. There is no paste insert function available for the Data Watch Window.
PWorx00002996 If you try to run the BootP utility on a PC that already has another BootP program running,
Proworx 32 will return a runtime error.
PWorx00002977 The Codegen Script File textbox found in the \Edit\Add window of the CodeGen feature cannot accept typed characters. The Browse button must be used in order to add a Codegen Script File name.
PWorx00002976 When configuring the .cfg file, the name of the macro cannot have the extension included Otherwise, the script will not run properly.
Item Description
PWorx00002969 Pasting of multiple networks in the logic could result in the networks inserted in the wrong order.
PWorx00002848 Attempts to import a Modsoft program will return errors and the conversion will fail.
PWorx00002833 The Materials List for the Traffic Cop does not show the NOE module that is configured in the rack.
PWorx00002815 If you run the emulator for a very long time (i.e., 7 or more hours) while trending of registers from several networks, a Out of memory runtime error could get returned as a result of low system resources on the PC.
PWorx00002809 If you have more than one copy of the same register displayed in the Data Watch Window, register value will sometimes vary. This is only a display update problem and does not affect the plc.
PWorx00002752 If you read a plc that has a Concept program with TCP/IP Configuration Extension, the TCP/IP address information is not uploaded.
PWorx00002743 The Server - Backup/Compare Date Date/Time Wizard does not accept a time entered in a 24hour format (i.e., 15:30:pm) for the daily time setting. If you type in a 24 hour formatted time and click on the next button in the Date/Time Wizard window, the time will change to a standard time format when you click on the Next button and the finish button will be un-selectable.
PWorx00002724 If you close the Data Watch Window while logging is in process, there is no indication that the logging has stopped.
PWorx00002723 The description for the range input textbox shown below the Actual Range input textbox in the Edit HMI Cell window should be listed as Scaled Range.
PWorx00002719 If two remote clients are connected to the server via Modbus Plus and you shutdown the server, the second client will not receive and indication that the server is down until the first client acknowledges the message that indicated the server was down. However, the message that the second client receives indicates that the server is available for login and not that it is down.
PWorx00002710 The Print Preview Export to text option will result in a runtime error 462, remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable. This will cause 'ProWORX 32' to lock up and the only way to close the software is by using the Windows Task Manager.
PWorx00002709 If you have a locked project that was checked out while logged into the server using a login username that has uppercase characters, you cannot unlock the project if you logged out and re-logged back into the server using the same username without uppercase characters.
PWorx00002708 Changes to the Communications Starting IP Address and the Ending IP Address are not saved.
Item Description
PWorx00002706 The Quantum Security configuration extension information does not get printed.
PWorx00002702 The Auto Logout status check and logging out of the panel software does not work with a Concept application. A message that indicates the Connection has timed out will be returned and the connection to the plc is logged out. However, 'ProWORX 32' will still be logged in.
PWorx00002699 If you load a 'ProWORX 32' project into a plc that previously contained a Concept project with a Quantum Security configuration extension defined, the old Concept Quantum Security settings will still be active. This problem could also cause other configuration extensions (i.e., peer cop, etc.) to function partially. The plc must be power cycled in order to resolve these problems.
PWorx00002698 If you try to load a Concept application into a plc that previously had a 'ProWORX 32' application, Concept will return a message indicating that the version of the plc exec needs to be updated. This problem is resolved if you power cycle the plc.
PWorx00002694 ASCII settings do not get uploaded if the application includes 800 series I/O drops that are configured for ASCII ports and no I/O.
PWorx00002692 The Quantum Security information does not get imported when you import a Concept project.
PWorx00002678 Deleting a column to the right of any logic will bring up the message, Cannot delete column as this location. If you try to delete a column that does have elements in it, the same message will get returned. The message should state Nothing to delete if there are no elements in the column or All elements must be removed from column before the column can be deleted if there are elements in the column.
PWorx00002664 If you log into a plc that has a Concept application with I/O scanning defined, you will not see any I/O scanning information in the configuration extension. However, if you log out and log back in with Concept, the information will still be there.
PWorx00002648 Imported Concept projects may show the networks information incorrectly in the Network Navigator.
PWorx00002646 If you configure an NOE in the Traffic Cop and then go to the Configuration Extension screen, you will see the slot number defined as the head number.
PWorx00002599 The fax printout for the Server authorization will list the product as ProWORX 32' Online Only client. regardless of what part number is entered.
PWorx00002596 The PCFL block type drop down list located at the top node of the block, requires the ENTER key to be pressed before the selection is accepted.
PWorx00002584 Traffic copping of the Compact MOT202 module that requires two slots, does not return an error message if there is not enough slots available or if the user attempts to place the module in the last slot of the rack..
Item Description
PWorx00002559 The Network Explorer does not function properly when switching from RTU to ASCII. If you power cycle the plc and re-log back in, it will work properly.
PWorx00002531 The input and output contacts for the equation network do not get referenced in the documentation window. If you place the mouse cursor on a contact element in the equation network, it is not reflected in the documentation window.
PWorx00003165 If you try to connect to a plc that is already logged in from another PC, you will get a message stating 'Failed to log into plc' unlike Concept where the message Controller is already logged in to another programming panel gets returned
PWorx00002527 In order to use the search Search by symbol function, the Enable Symbols button found in the Project tab of the properties window must be selected. This function is not applicable to ISA Symbols.
OPR20020854 The format for the 'Solution Interval' on 'PCFL/KPID' block is incorrectly shown as floating point. The format must be changed to 'Long (32Bit) Integer' format in order for the block to function correctly.
PWorx00003192 The Network Explorer scan for Modbus communications can take a long time before all of the plc addresses can be found. If you repeatedly click on the icon for the PC in the Network Eplorer window (i.e., (MyComputer), ProWORX 32 could inadvertently closeout if the address is selected and applied to the communications properties.
PWorx00002503 The Equation Network selection is only available if there is a configured network in the project.

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