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Process for adding color functionality to the SMS WebClient for the PM210 Power Meter

To add color functionality to PM210 meter graphs in the SMS WebClient
The PM210 does not allow the addition of colors natively as the range defaults to 0-1000 and we are unable to modify this value without adding the Rated Ampacity feature to SMS for the meter.

To add the Rated Ampacity feature to SMS for the PM210 meter:

  • 1. Open SMS setup utility
    2. Open the system for edit
      • a. File > Open > System > choose the correct system for modification
    3. Click on Setup > Custom Quantities
    4. Uncheck the box for Only show custom quantities
    5. Click the Assign Tab
    6. Locate Rated Ampacity on the left hand side and take it to the right hand side.
    7. Enter the register number 7004 and click ok
    8. Click ok
    9. Restart the Powerlogic network server
      • a. Click start
        b. Right Click on My Computer
        c. Click Manage
        d. Click Services
        e. Locate the PowerLogic Network Server
        f. Click Restart

To add the meter colors:
1. Go to Setup > Function/Alarms
2. Click on Global Functions
3. Choose the PM200 series meter
4. Add the Values you would like to see
5. You have a choice to set the setpoints for all of the PM200 series meters by clicking on setpoints. You may also set each meter individually on the assign functions screen.
6. If you set the setpoints here see below, otherwise click update.
There are 5 available setpoints: lowest, low, normal, high, highest. Two conditions must be set other than normal for the colors to be displayed. For instance if you wanted normal, high, and highest it would look like the following example:
Pickup = 40 Delay = 0
dropout = 35 delay = 0

Pickup = 35 delay = 0
dropout = 30 delay = 0
No parameters are set for normal. In the meter section of the webclient you would see green for all current values up to 35A, then yellow for 35-40, and Red for 40 and above. If you wanted the Lowest and Low values you would see Red, Yellow, Green, Yellow, Red for the colors on the graph.

7. Click the assign functions tab
8. Click on the meter you want to set first.
9. Under the available functions select the one you want and click the > arrow to take it to the selected side.
10. If you did not set the setpoints for all of the PM200 meters you can set them individually here by clicking on setpoints. See above for the procedure.

Set the maximum range for the meter
1. Click setup > Devices/Routing
2. Click on the meter > click ratings
3. Click on Rated Ampacity > set value.
4. Verify the setup by opening the SMS WebClient

Note: Follow the process above, including the register number to add this functionality for voltage.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL212623 V1.0, Originally authored by DaFr on 09/27/2013, Last Edited by DaFr on 09/27/2013
Related ranges: PM200 series
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