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Video: How to change the accumulated energy in CM4000/CM3000/PM800 series meters from absolute to signed?

The circuit monitor 3000/4000 series and the Power meter 800 series can accumulate the energy values in one of two modes: signed or absolute.
In signed mode, the meter considers the direction of power flow, allowing the magnitude of accumulated energy to increase and decrease.
In absolute mode, the meter accumulates energy as a positive value, regardless of the direction of power flow. In other words, the energy value increases, even during reverse power flow.
In signed mode, the meter will effectively subtract power that is flowing in the reverse direction from the power that is flowing, or has flowed, in the positive direction resulting in a net power usage.

The default accumulation mode is absolute.
Product Line
CM3000 series
CM4000 series
PM800 series
Energy readings 

To change mode from absolute to signed using front panel, view the following video and the following steps:

Enter the Read/Write menu from the display: From the meter main menu, scroll right to diagnostics, then navigate to read/write registers. It will ask you for your meter password.
If the password is default, press the up arrow button to select 0 and press enter. If password is not default, enter meter's password.
In the read write regs screen press up/down button to go to your desired register. If you keep the arrow button pressed it will start to scroll through registers faster.
To write a value to a register, hit enter when you reach the register and change the value.

1. Write 9020 to register 8000, this places the meter in setup mode.

2. Write 1 to register 3232

3. Write 1 to register 8001, this saves the changes.

4. Write 9021 to register 8000, this exits setup mode and that will initiates a soft reset on the meter.

To change the mode using ION setup, follow these steps or the video below.
1. Connect the meter in ION setup. In Setup mode, Double click the energy and demand option.

2. Change the accumulated energy from absolute to signed and send it to the meter.

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