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What is PowerLogic Web Page Generator (WPG) and location to download the tool?

What is PowerLogic Web Page Generator (WPG) and location to download the tool?

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PowerLogic Web Page Generator (WPG)

Installing PowerLogic Webpage Generator tool 

Customer wants to know what is Powerlogic Web Page Generator and where can they download it from. 

The Web Page Generator is a unique tool that creates "custom" web pages for a specific power equipment lineup from very simple user input. With no knowledge of HTML or JavaScript, a user can create a complete web based interface for his power equipment. Utilizing the embedded web server in the PowerLogic CM3000 or CM4000 circuit monitor with Ethernet Communications Card (ECC21), PowerLogic PM800 power meter with PM8ECC(new) Ethernet Communications Card or the Powerlogic EGX400 Ethernet Gateway, the WebPageGenerator (WPG) creates web pages and loads them to the embedded web server providing a simple web interface for viewing real-time and historical information from power monitoring, control, and circuit protective devices. 

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows XP, 2000(SP2), NT 4.0, or 98 SE
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or later
  • 30MB of available hard drive space

As of 05 May 2015, the latest version of this tool is V3.6 which can be downloaded directly from link provided below. 

V3.6 Download Link:
*Note: an older Windows OS may be required to install this software (pre-Windows 7).

For an example of how to add Webpages see FA232892.

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