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kVAR and kW values are not showing correctly for PM8s in the Real Time Data screen of ION Setup 3.0

Goals and Symptoms

When viewing kVAR or kW real time data from a PM800 meter in ION Setup 3.0, the user may see a larger number where it should be a much less negative value.

Causes and Fixes


The driver was programmed to read the register as an unsigned 16 bit register rather than a signed 16 bit register. This causes negative KVAR and KW values to show incorrectly.


This issue has been addressed and resolved in ION Setup 3.0.13080.01 and later. However, installing the latest build on top of an earlier build may not update the tables correctly. In that case the software will need to be either uninstalled and reinstalled or the steps below can be followed.

1. Using Explorer, go to the ION Setup program folder (typically C:\Program Files\Schneider Electric\ION Setup) and then into the Tables\SQD800 sub-folder. Next, for each of the sub-folders found in that folder, repeat steps 2 thru 4.

2. Open the REALTIME.PML file using Notepad and find the lines similar to the ones listed below:

R5C2=41143,7,7,kW Total
R5C3=41140,7,7,kW Phase A
R5C4=41141,7,7,kW Phase B
R5C5=41142,7,7,kW Phase C
R6C2=41151,7,7,kVA Total
R6C3=41148,7,7,kVA Phase A
R6C4=41149,7,7,kVA Phase B
R6C5=41150,7,7,kVA Phase C
R7C2=41147,7,7,kVAR Total
R7C3=41144,7,7,kVAR Phase A
R7C4=41145,7,7,kVAR Phase B
R7C5=41146,7,7,kVAR Phase C

3. Modify the first "7" entry to an "8" instead for all the above lines, so those lines now look like:

R5C2=41143,8,7,kW Total
R5C3=41140,8,7,kW Phase A
R5C4=41141,8,7,kW Phase B
R5C5=41142,8,7,kW Phase C
R6C2=41151,8,7,kVA Total
R6C3=41148,8,7,kVA Phase A
R6C4=41149,8,7,kVA Phase B
R6C5=41150,8,7,kVA Phase C
R7C2=41147,8,7,kVAR Total
R7C3=41144,8,7,kVAR Phase A
R7C4=41145,8,7,kVAR Phase B
R7C5=41146,8,7,kVAR Phase C

4. Save the file and reload the real-time display in ION Setup

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL211090 V2.0, Originally authored by MaTh on 03/30/2013, Last Edited by MaTh on 04/11/2013
Related ranges: ION Setup 3.0, PM800 series
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