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ION 7550/7650 meter web page displays ActiveX error when viewing Trending&Forecasting


When browsing to an ION 7550/7650 web page through a web browser, the Trending&Forecasting page displays the following error message.

"The ActiveX control necessary to view this page is not currently installed on your computer.  You can download it from the Power Logic website (click "Support") and install it manually or install the latest version of ION Setup (also available for download on the Power Logic website)"

Product Line:

 ION 7650/7550



 ION 7650/7550 webpage 

ProEssentials is not installed.

There is an executable file called "ProEssentials Graph Install.exe" which can be downloaded from
If ION Setup is installed, is placed within the Program Files (x86)\ION Setup directory. The executable is also attached below.

Run the ProEssentials Graph Install executable and ensure that permission has been granted within Internet Explorer.

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