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ION 8650 and ION 8600 - Power Quality Reports return no data

Goals and Symptoms

A Power Quality Report run for an ION 8650 meter may not return any data even though the user can see Sag/Swell and Transient events in Vista. The same situation may been seen on ION 8600 meters with Firmware version v330 or higher.

Facts and Changes


ION8600 and ION8650 meters with firmware v330 or later

Causes and Fixes


The reason for this is due to the Event Priority of the Sag/Swell Module and Transient Module being set to 0 by default. This change was made in the v330 Firmware of the 8600 and has been carried over to the 8650 line as well. Prior to this, the default priority was 200.

When a Sag/Swell or Transient occurs, the data recorders will still be triggered to record the magnitude and duration of the event as well as the waveforms, which is why information in still present in Vista. Since the Event Priority is set to 0, the meter does not record it as an "event" and no information gets uploaded to the dbo.EventLog2 table in the database. The PQ Aggregation Service searches this table for sag/swell and transient type events, and aggregates them with the data provided by the data recorder modules to create PQ Events, which then get queried by the PQ Report. With no event information in the dbo.EventLog2 table, a PQ Event does not get created and thus nothing will be returned in the PQ Report.


The change this set the Event Priority of the Sag/Swell and Transient modules to 200. Once the Event Priority has been set to 200, new PQ Events that occur will show up in the PQ Report.

v330 changelog can be found here

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL211003 V1.0, Originally authored by MaTh on 03/20/2013, Last Edited by MaTh on 03/20/2013
Related ranges: ION8650, ION8600
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