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What are some major differences between ION8600 and ION8650 meters?

Customer wants to know the major differences between the obsoleted ION8600 meter and its replacement ION8650 meter

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meter comparison

1. ION 8650 has high accuracy, single current range (2 times more accurate than existing ANSI/IEC Class 0.2 standards from 0.010A-20A) whereas ION8600 has 0.2 accuracy class (IEC, ANSI).
2. ION 8650 has 1024 samples/cycle waveform capture for all voltage and current channels whereas ION 8600 has 256 samples / cycle waveform capture.
3. Increased onboard memory ION8650A/B/C (128Mb/64Mb/32Mb)whereas for ION8600A/B/C (10Mb/4Mb/2Mb).
4. IEC 61850 is not available as a protocol on ION8600.
5. ION8650 has the option to have Cellular Modem communication through Verizon. More information about Cellular Modem communication can be found in FA277446.

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