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Does the time or clock on a Circuit Monitor or Power Meter change during Daylight Savings Time (DST)?

Meters do not show the correct time and/or reset their time automatically to an incorrect time (one hour off) in SMS, ION, SPM, and/or PME.

Product Line
CM2000, CM3000, CM4000, PM700, PM800, PM5000 Series Meters and PM210 Meter

Power Monitoring Software SMS, ION, SPM, and PME

PowerLogic Circuit Monitors (CM2000, CM3000, CM4000) and Power Meters (PM200, PM700, PM800, PM5000) do not take into account Daylight Savings Time (DST) on board the meter. When the data is read into software (SMS, ION, SPM), the time is adjusted.
During DST, if the local time is 2:00PM, the CM or PM will read 1:00PM on the front display.

The software will make the approrpiate time corrections on data displayed and logged, but the individual meters will reset to show the time without adjustment for daylight savings. The software time will be correct during daylight savings, but the meter will show one hour difference at the meter display.

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