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What is the recommended wire length for extending current transformers (LVCT, SCCT)?

The user would like to extend the leads on a low voltage or split core current transformer.

Product Line:
Low Voltage and Split Core Current Transformers 

Current Transformers

The monitoring source may be beyond the reach of the existing LVCT or SCCT leads and needs to be extended.

Powerlogic LVCT, both 1Vac and 1/3 Vac current transducers 
- Up to 100 feet using the same wire gauge size.

Powerlogic 3090 Split Core Current Transformers (SCCT):
*Note: Below ratings are with 14 gauge wires
- For CT amperage 200 Amps and below : up to 20 feet
- For CT amperage 300 - 400 Amps: up to 35 feet
- For CT amperage 500 - 600 Amps: up to 60 feet
- For CT amperage 800 Amps and greater: up to 100 feet.

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