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Is there a Mounting Adapter available to retrofit a Series 4000 Circuit Monitor in place of a Series 2000 Circuit Monitor or CM100/200 Series meters?

A customer has existing CM2000 or CM100/200 Series Meters and wishes to replace them with series 4000 Circuit Monitor meters but the CM4000 has a different form factor and requires a different mounting cutout in the panel.

Product Line:
CM100, CM150, CM200, CM250
CM2000, CM2050, CM2150, CM2250, CM2350, CM2450
CM4000, CM4250, CM4000T

Power meter retrofit and replacement
A customer wishes to replace obsolete CM2000 or CM100/200 series meters with CM4000 Series meters.

A mounting plate adapter is available that will allow a user to install a CM4000 series meter in an existing cutout for a CM2000 or CM100/200 series meter.
"CM4MA" is the mounting adapter part number. This part is a filler plate used when mounting a Series 4000 Circuit Monitor (CM4) where a 2000 Circuit Monitor (CM2) was removed.
The same mounting adapters designed to be used with the CM2000 series meters will also work with the CM100, CM150, CM200, and CM250.

See attached document for more information.
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