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Vista cannot find generic diagram for CM4000 device.

Goals and Symptoms

A CM4000T device is added to an SPM 7.0.1 system. When clicked on in Vista, an error message appears: "A generic diagram for the selected device cannot be found".
In the alarms panel on the web interface, there are links to source devices. Clicking on these links displays a blank page, even if the device is manually pointed to a diagram in Vista.
In Vista, the device type / product field displays a large meaningless number instead of a product type.

Keywords: SPM 7, SPM7, CM4

Causes and Fixes

The most likely cause is that the device is loaded with an old, unsupported firmware. In this old firmware, the device type register had a different address. Hence, SPM cannot determine the device type automatically, causing diagram linkage errors.

It appears that the data returned from the Device Type register is incorrect. This explains why SPM does not know which diagram to use, and why you see the strange numeric value for the device type. SPM Vista polls this register as well as the firmware version to determine which diagram to use.

To confirm these suspicions, the following check can be performed:

First, check the meter's translator file: \ION Enterprise\system\translators\cm4000.xml
Near the top of the file you should see where it looks for "FAC1 Device Type", it should be register [40]3010:

<ModbusInfo IONHandle="4864" Name="FAC1 DeviceType" ModbusAddress="403010" RequestType="R" Format="UINT16" Offset="0x75B3" CacheSpec="C" SetupReg="1" DisableNotAvailableCheck="0" ConfigWrite="1">
<Enumeration Ordinal="15101" Value="CM4000" />
<Enumeration Ordinal="15103" Value="CM4250" />
<Enumeration Ordinal="15111" Value="CM3250" />
<Enumeration Ordinal="15112" Value="CM3350" />
<Enumeration Ordinal="15001" Value="CM4000T" />

Next, use the meter's front panel diagnostic menu to read register 3010. For a CM4000T it should be value 15001 as stated above.

To resolve the issue, update the device firmware to the most recent.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL209757 V1.0, Originally authored by ViWa on 11/24/2012, Last Edited by ViWa on 11/24/2012
Related ranges: Power Monitoring 7.0
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