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C++ Debug Assertion Failed! error when attempting to send or save a DCF file

Goals and Symptoms

When attempting to send or save DCF files for ION meters within ION Setup the following error message is received:

Facts and Changes


ION Setup on any version of Windows with UAC.

Causes and Fixes


There are two possible causes for this error:

1. The ION Setup installation was not performed using Administrator login credentials and UAC is enabled.
2. ION Setup was installed using Administrator login but user accessing Setup does not have Admin credentials.


Option A
Ensure that User Account Controls (Control Panel -> User Accounts -> Change User Account Control settings) are disabled and that the Windows user has administrative privileges on the machine.
Note: This option requires UAC be disabled

Option B
Login to the machine using the administrator account, uninstall ION Setup and re-install.
Explicitly grant permission to the ION Setup folder to any user who accesses the machine. The user must have full control over the ION Setup folder and all child folders/objects.
Note: This option does not require UAC be disabled

It is possible that in some situations both options may not fix the issue. In that case, login as the administrator. Also disable UAC. Then uninstall the software. After uninstalling, make sure that the program folder present under ProgramFiles for ex. C:\ProgramFiles\Schneider Electric\ION Setup is not there. If it is then delete it manually. Also check in the registry and if the folder exists, then delete it from there as well. It should be under HKEY_Local_Machine->Software->Schneider Electric->IONsetup.
If you are using Windows server 2008 or Windows7 as OS, then ION setup has 2 separate folders. One is the program folder present under ProgramFiles and the other is a config folder present under ProgramData\Schneider Electric. Both are called ION setup only. To view their specific path, open up the registry, navigate to the ION setup folder under HKEY_Local_Machine->software->WOW6432Node->Schneider Electric->IONsetup. Double click 3.0, then the install dir will point to the ION setup under program files and the UserDir points to the other ION setup folder. Backup your IONSETUP.DAT file from the other folder. Then uninstall the software. Make sure these both folders are also deleted. Manually delete them if you have to. Clear the registry. Restart your server, then reinstall the software. Once it works, copy your backed up IONSETUP.DAT file into the config ION setup folder.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL209434 V3.0, Originally authored by MaTh on 10/18/2012, Last Edited by EdFa on 08/08/2013
Related ranges: ION Setup 2.2, ION Setup 3.0
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