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Whom should I contact to purchase a socket meter base?

Who should I contact to purchase a socket meter base?

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Customer needs to purchase socket meter base. 

Schneider Electric does not sell or manufacture socket meter bases. To Purchase a socket meter base only for an ION8600/8650, Marwell Corp can be contacted. To purchase industrial pedestal enclosures with meter sockets, test switches, bypass levers, etc., Milbank Manufacturing may be contacted.

Check the part number of ION meter in order to match the Form Factor of the socket. 

For Marwell:
Kathy Powell, President
Quoting, Customer Service
(909) 794-4192
Robert Ashford, Vice President
New Development, Technical Information, Customer Service
(909) 794-4192

or go to URL:

For Milbank:
Mike Biggar, Technical Sales & Quotations Mgr.
or go to URL:
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