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Why are the menu labels at the bottom of the display on the Series 700, 800 Power Meter labeled I, U-V, PQS, E, PF, and F instead of Amps, Volts, Pwr, Energ, PF, and Hz?

A user wants an explanation for the labeling of units on a PM700 or PM800 series meter.

Product Line:
PM700 series, PM800 series

Front display of meter, readings from ION Setup, readings from Power Monitoring Expert, etc.

The PM700 and PM800 series meters are capable of displaying their measurements in either IEEE format or IEC format. This will cause their basic summary 3-phase display to show either (I, U-V, PQS) or (Amps, Volts, Power).

Using the meter's front navigation panel, navigate through the following selection:

1. Maint >>
2. Reset >>
3. Mode >>

a. Select IEC if they desire:
I = Current
U-V = Voltage
PQS = Power
E = Energy
PF = Power Factor
F = Frequency


b. Select IEEE if they desire:
Amps = Current
Volts = Voltage
Pwr = Power
Energ = Energy
PF = Power Factor
Hz = Frequency


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