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Is it possible to change the output register name for a PowerLogic meter in PME?


The output register name for a measurement in a PowerLogic meter needs to be changed in ION E, SPM, or PME.


ION Enterprise
Sturxureware Power Monitoring
Power Monitoring Expert

Product Line

CM3000 Series
CM4000 Series
PM800 Series


In general, it is not possible or useful to change the output register measurement names for a single PowerLogic meter. This is because PowerLogic meters communicate to PME through translator files, unlike ION meters, which communicate directly to the system.

It is possible to modify the translator file to change the register name, but that change would be global across ALL meters of that type in the system.

For example, the B-S1 Status name in a CM4000 may be changed by editing the translator file, but that change would affect all CM4000s in the system.
Generally, this is not recommended.

Note about ION meters: Since the system has access to the framework of ION meters, register names for ION meters can be changed individually; however, this is not possible with PowerLogic meters.


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