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Manuals containing installation instructions and cross comparison for product selection of EM35XX series meters.

A user is looking for technical information on the EM35xx series power meters.
Features vary across models of the EM3500 series meters requiring a way to quickly compare the models. 

Product Line
EM3500, EM3502, EM3550, EM3555,EM3560,EM3561, EM3502A, EM3550A, EM3560A, EM3561A

Power Meter Selection and Comparison
Meter Installation and Configuration

A user may need to reference the istallation guide for installation and configuration.
A user may need to compare the feature sets of the available EM3500 series meters for product selection.

The Technical data sheet contains detailed lists and tables of the capabilities for all EM3500 series meters, useful for cross comparison.
The document also contains product dimensions, suitable for CAD drawing requirements.

The quick start guide contains installation and wiring instructions for multiple environments.

The Installation guide contains wiring instructions as well as information on how to program the EM35xx series meters.
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