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ION Setup crashes and generates a large text (txt) file when saving a meter configuration comparison report

ION Setup crashes and shows the following error when saving a meter configuration comparison report.  It may also generate a large text (txt) file.

Debug Error!

Program: C:\Program Files (x86)\Schneider Electric\ION Setup\ionsetup.exe
Module: C:\Program Files (x86)\Schneider Electric\ION Setup\ionsetup.exe

Run-Time Check Failure #2 - Stack around the variable 'tempStr' was corrupted.

(Press Retry to debug the application)

Product Line
ION Setup 3.0, ION Setup 2.2

The Configuration Comparison Report in ION Setup is used to report the differences between a stored meter configuration file and the present meter configuration. However, if one uses it to compare the meter to a configuration from a different meter (e.g. a 8650 meter to a 8600 template) and tries to save the comparison result, sometimes ION Setup will generate a huge txt file (up to several GBs) and crash.

When ION Setup does the comparison between meter configurations, it will try to match the "section" title first. (e.g "Basic Setup - PT/CT Ratios", "Port settings -Com1" and etc.). When ION Setup cannot find a matching section name, it doesn't know what to place for it in the comparison result. For example, an ION8600 meter has a section called "LED Pulsing Kwh", but it has been changed to "LED Pulsing wh" in an ION8650. ION Setup is not designed to compare such difference.

A workaround is to generate two meter configuration report and use a 3rd party tool to compare the results. Notepad++ or Exam Diff are free text edit tools that can compare txt files.
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