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Configuring Waveform recordings on the PM800 series meter with ION Setup software

Need to configure the waveform capture on a PM800 series meter.

Product Line
PM850, PM870, ION Setup

Application using a PM800 series meter to capture waveforms

Need configure waveform capture on a existing PM850 or PM870

Both the PM850 and PM870 can capture waveform data. Capture can be enabled in the Onboard Alarms/Event setup, see figures below.


The PM870 can configure aspects of the waveform like the channels selected, samples per cycle, duration, and pre-event cycles. These values are fixed in the PM850.  The waveform capture configuration is accessed through the Power Quality folder.


  • ION Setup cannot view waveforms from this device because it does not have the proper ION framework.
  • PMCU can be used to view the waveforms, see Knowledge Based Article FA221433 for the download.
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