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StruxureWare Power Monitoring 7.0: Database Manager - Alarming on Drive Space Remaining and Database Size Has Been Removed

Goals and Symptoms

Previous versions of ION Enterprise included an Alarming functionality that allowed the user to set up alerts when:
1. The ION_Data size exceeded a defined size limitation
2. The drive space remaining on the drive hosting ION_Data was less than a defined threshold.

This functionality has been removed for StruxureWare Power Monitoring. 7.0

In Database Manager, should you choose the Alarming Configuration tab, you will notice that the only part that remains are configuration fields to allow ION Enterprise to send an email in the event that one of the SQL Agent database jobs set up at install time should fail to complete.

Causes and Fixes

ION Enterprise installed several database objects in SQL Server's built-in databases, master and msdb. This complicated ION Enterprise backup and recovery, cluster server support, and side-by-side migrations. It was also a questionable from the perspective of security.

Database Size Alert was primarily for supporting SQL Express which had database size limitations.

Disk Usage Alert duplicates existing functionality in the Operating System.

This is what was done:

master Table:
DatabaseGrowth - removed

master Stored Procedures:
DBSizeAlert - removed
DiskUsageAlert - removed
GetDBName - removed
RemoveCustomAll - removed
RenameLogin -- removed
SendMailCDO - moved into ION_Network

master Function:
FnSplit - removed

msdb Store Procedure:
DeleteDbHistoryByLocation - moved to ION_Network

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