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StruxureWare Power Monitoring 7.0: why do saved reports show different results after the upgrade?

After upgrade from ION Enterprise 6.0 SP1 to SturxureWare Power Monitoring 7.0 it is possible that some saved reports, when run in the new software, will display different results than they did in ION Enterprise 6.0. The affected reports are the Energy Period Over Period and the 100 ms reports .
Energy Period Over Period Report:
In ION Enterprise 6.0, it was possible that a data set used for the report included duplicated data. Under these conditions, the aggregation routine used to generate the report would include the duplicated data, resulting in an incorrect total. In StruxureWare Power Monitoring, duplicates are prevented from entering the database and removed from the database during the upgrade process, thus the aggregation routine generates a correct report.

100 ms Report:
In ION Enterprise 6.0, when the data set for a given date range was retrieved, the FractionOfASecond column was ignored, thus it was possible to have unwanted records included in the selected date range. Struxureware Power Monitoring uses a different datatype for timestamp, in which the fractions of a second are included in the timestamp, rather then stored in a separate column in the database. This prevents the problem where it is possible to include records that should not have been included for a defined time range.

The reports generated in Struxureware Power Monitoring are the correct versions of the reports, resolving problems in the ION Enterprise 6.0 implementations of the same reports.

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