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StruxureWare Power Monitoring 7.0: Side By Side upgrade - reports missing after restore

Goals and Symptoms

After using the Side-by-Side upgrade utility to restore a migration package into SPM 7.0, in Web Reporter some or all of the Default Reports will be missing.

Side by Side SBS SxS
Web Reporter Default Reports Missing

Causes and Fixes

Cause 1 - Migration fron an ION Enterprise 5.6 SP2 system
ION Enterprise 5.6 SP2 did not have the Web Reporter application; it uses the older Reporter application. When a 5.6 SP2 version is upgraded with the Side by Side migration tool it doesnt know about the web reports and will not have anything to back up, when it is then migrated to 7.0 there are no default web reports in the system.

Cause 2 - Migration from an ION Enterprise 6.0 SP1 system
ION Enterprise 6.0 sp1 does have the Web Reporter application and does have the default reports that are backed up using the Side by Side tool. The SBS tool will then put these reports back into the 7.0 system after upgrade, but it will not have the 3 new Usage reports that have been added in 7.0. It will have all the updates applied to the 7.0 reports as this is handled in the 7.0 install not the upgrade.

The SBS tool doesnt install the new default reports, it will only back up existing default reports from the old system.

To have all the default reports in the upgraded 7.0 version, the user will need to re-upload both default report packs "Default" and "Usage" (either with the web browser interface, or upload report pack utility).
After that all the default reports will be added and ready for use.

Last Revised:  March 23, 2012
Applies To:  StruxureWare Power Monitoring 7.0
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Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL207640 V3.0, Originally authored by MaLi on 03/13/2012, Last Edited by JaMc on 05/17/2012
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