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CM3000 (CM3) and CM4000 (CM4) Recommended Install Practice

Best installation practices for the CM3000 and CM4000 series

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It is recommended that for the installation of the CM3250, CM3350, CM4250 or CM4000T that an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or Ride-Through Module (RTM) be installed on the control power supply for the device. This is especially important when doing data logging and waveform capture. This practice will continue to provide power if an event occurs that would interrupt power to the Circuit Monitor device and interrupt the capture of important data. Interruption such as this while recording data in logs or waveform captured could potentially result in loss of data during the event. Please implement this practice when installing Circuit Monitor devices if possible.

When installing the CM4000, Allow for easy access to all parts of the circuit monitor. Allow extra space for all wires,fuse disconnects, shorting blocks, accessories, or other components. Make sure to route the wires so that they do not cover the option card slots, I/O extender, current/voltage module, or cooling vents on the circuit monitor. The circuit monitor can be mounted horizontally or vertically. The recommended orientation is to mount it vertically in an equipment metering compartment, making sure the control power connector is towards the top. 

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