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Individual calibration sheets for CM2000 (CM2), CM4000 (CM4), and PM800 (PM8) series meters

A customer would like to know the calibration requirements and/or calibration data for a Powerlogic metering product.

Product Line
CM4000 series
CM2000 series
PM800 series

Attached are calibration sheets for the CM2000, CM4000, and PM800 series meters that state under normal conditions the meters do not require re-calibration.

Traditionally individual calibration certificates are not issued for powerlogic devices. However a request can be made to the Technical Support Team to generate one for the individual meters. The calibration file is proprietary, however the calibration certificate contains all of the calibration data that was used during testing.

A request can be sent to and/or speak to a Tech Support representative at 615 287 3400.

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