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Branch Circuit Power Meter (BCPM) or Branch Circuit Power Meter Split Core (BCPMSC) read zero current for all CTs

Goals and Symptoms

The PowerLogic BCPM or BCPMSC shows 0A on every circuit, even though the panel the meter is monitoring has a load.
The meter has been installed correctly and all CT connections are made.

Causes and Fixes


If the ribbon cables are reseated while the BCPM is on, the unit will not register current.
The BCPM does a discovery of the ribbon cables only upon bootup.
If the ribbon cables are reseated or seated after bootup, the BCPM will not detect the current.


Cycle power to the meter with the ribbon cables attached.

If this still does not resolve the problem, there is a BCPM repair kit with catalog number BCPMREPAIR. An instruction manual is attached.

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